The new Omega x Swatch Gold MoonSwatch just landed

Whoever you are, whatever peaks your interest, one thing is guaranteed – you will have noticed the craziness that ensued last year around the Swatch x Omega replica watches first copy. It was seismic. In hindsight, such a collaboration seemed so obvious, so simple – yet in reality it took everyone by total surprise.

Reports earlier in the year suggested that a literal million MoonSwatch pieces – from your Missions to Neptune to Mars, the Moon and Uranus – have already been sold. As successful collabs go, they struck literal gold. Which goes a long way to explaining why this week Omega and Swatch are at it again.

Everything you need to know about the latest Moonshine MoonSwatch release

This time the Mission to the Moon has a seconds hand made of OMEGA’s Moonshine Gold, and it’s very much a continuation of what already exists. Of the 11 MoonSwatch models that have been in circulation for the past year, the Mission to the Moon is the truest to its inspiration, Omega replica to review iconic Speedmaster Moonwatch.

Moonshine Gold is a type of 18k yellow gold alloy created exclusively by Omega in 2019 for some of its most sought after watches, so it’s a classy move for the new MoonSwatch to have a nod to this. While the teaser caused many enthusiasts to predict a full Bioceramic Moonshine gold version was on the cards, Swatch and Omega have reserved ultimate grace and patience by dropping a new Cheap Omega Replica that has a subtle but impactful flash of Moonshine gold, namely on its all important seconds hand.

How much is it and where is it available to buy

There will be questions aplenty around, first and foremost, where to get hold of this new MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold. But most importantly, we should confirm that this is not replacing any of the other MoonSwatches replica price, it is adding to the options on offer.