Best Omega Speedmaster 145.012-67 Replica Watches Store In The World

The last Speedmaster to house the original Caliber 321 movement before Cheap Omega Replica transitioned to the simpler Caliber 861, the vintage Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch” ref. 145.012 signified the end of an important era for this famed Omega chronograph.

Omega Speedmaster 145.012-67 Key Features

The 145.012 was the sixth Speedmaster reference and it debuted 10 years after the original Speedy was introduced in 1957. Omega produced the Speedmaster ref. 145.012 from 1967 to very early 1969. The ref. 105.012 preceded it and the ref. 145.022 succeeded it.

Design Features

The best replica watches store in the world retained many of the features of the previous 105.012, which is to say it has a 42mm steel case, a black bezel with a tachymeter scale, and a black dial with three counters. However, Omega furnished it with taller and larger chronograph pushers, which is one way to tell this reference apart from its predecessors.

Another fantastic vintage detail worth pointing out on this Speedmaster 145.012 swiss replica watches is the step dial. Note the slightly elevated ring at the center of the dial, which is placed adjacent to the minute markers and home to the tips of the hour markers. This elevation makes a step, hence the nickname “step dial.”

Brief Omega Speedmaster 145.012 History

This would eventually be replaced by a seconds hand with a square end. There are examples of the Speedmaster 145.012 with teardrop-end seconds hands and square-end seconds hands – and both are correct because this was the era of the transition from one style to the other.

On the dial is the applied High quality replica shop– yet another classic design detail of early Speedmaster watches that would eventually be replaced by painted logos by 1969/1970 with the ref. 145.022 .

Speedmaster Professional 145.012

This particular example of a 145.012-67 is in honest, vintage condition. As indicated by the surface wear on the case and bezel, scratches, and light nicks, this Omega aaa replica watch was clearly loved and worn frequently out in the real world. Yet, the caseback engraving is still visible (these don’t always survive) and it retains its correct 24-tooth crown.

vintage omega speedmaster Caliber 321

The dial with light wear and patina is in great shape considering its age. The tritium lume plots on the dial have aged to dark beige while the hand lume is slightly darker.

It marked the end of a Speedmaster generation. Yet, replica watches come from China is often cited as the most affordable of all the vintage Caliber 321-powered Speedmaster watches. But like so many important vintage watches these days, its value has risen significantly over the last decade or so.

Collecting the Speedmaster Professional 145.012