Smart high quality Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Co-Axial replicas

Our editors tested the readability, ease of use and toughness of various diving watches 11 feet under water. One of the watches is the fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M coaxial.

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M coaxial design has very high quality, elaborately made parts and is therefore quite robust. The titanium case suffered only the slightest scratch during our diving test: it was barely detectable on either side of the satin case. The watch ring remains intact because it has ceramic inlays, just like the one on Oris Tubbataha, another watch we tested. The Numbers in the Omega replica watches ring and index is made of the liquid metal, the metal alloy is such a low melting point (400 degrees c), can be to press the molten metal into tables in ring slot without damage to the surrounding ceramics.

Steel alloys commonly used in watches are between 200 and 240 degrees Fahrenheit, but liquid metals are harder: 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The ceramic used in the ring is even harder (1,200 degrees Fahrenheit), so after pressing liquid metal into the cut, the excess alloy can be erased without damaging the ceramic. Omega’s combination of ceramics and liquid metals produces very hard and elaborate dive time rings. The ceramic on our test watch has the same lush blue color as the well-crafted dial and rubber band. With its organic look and contrast stitching, the rubber band looks like leather and gives an elegant impression. It has a solid titanium buckle, two safety buttons, and a embossed Omega logo.


The paint itself glows very bright, and unlike all other monitors, the hand glows yellow rather than green. The exponents are also good and wide. Combined, these functions make it easy to read during the day and night. Poor readability only happens underwater, so the watch’s readability was rated “good” overall in our tests. Another drawback – one we find in almost all test watches – is that crystals cannot compensate for the strange way light refracts underwater. The front crystal is highly reflective: if you turn the Omega replica watches swiss movement slightly, the dial you just read can become a fully reflective surface.

When you return to the surface of the water, this effect completely disappears. You can view the face from the side, appreciate the three-dimensional appearance of the dial, and use the index and application logo. We’re not happy with the black date set: it’s the only blue element that doesn’t fit the rest of the watch. The date display can be reset back as needed without moving it for dozens of days. When you set the hour hand forward or backward in increments of hours, it jumps to tomorrow or back to yesterday as needed. The watch contains swiss Omega replica watches own Calibre 8500 automatic machine core, its unique decoration and modern structure is laudable, including balance bridge rather than balance knob, oscillating balance spring, and the adjusting screw four scales. The filament is made of silicon. Download the full comments here.