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Sometimes in life you just want to buy something expensive for yourself, and we agree that you deserve it. You deserve it! One of the great things about spending a lot of variation is that expensive men copy Omega watches. With that in mind, we decided to throw together what we thought were the best expensive men’s watches. Look at the things gathered for you today.

Did you pretend you were James Bond jr.? And we did! If you can’t be him, you can have at least one James Bond watch. This is a very cool luxury Omega replica watch and we can seriously write a full review of it. It’s full of cool features and it’s effortless.

For starters, Omega Seamaster replica has Swiss replica hub and 2500 calibre engine. This means it can be powered automatically by the movement of the arm and is fully functional without the need for a battery. As if that weren’t cool enough, it also has a water resistance of up to 1,000 feet, even for James Bond. If you find yourself that deep, feel free to use the helium drain valve. This valve allows helium to escape from the inside of the watch when worn under high pressure, and luminous dots help you know when to release the valve. Cool, right?

The dial is also cool, with its awe-inspiring midnight blue and etched wave design giving it a refined look. Time is marked by a luminous point, and the glowing skeleton hand tells you the time. Hanging on the dial is the 3 o ‘clock position of the date display window. The cool dial is protected by a domed surface and anti-reflective, anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass, which perfectly matches the 41mm stainless steel case. To perfect the coolness of the fake Omega Seamaster watches, this stylish stainless steel watch chain comes with a foldable clasp and double button safety. It’s certainly one of the best expensive men’s watches out there, and it’s easy to see why.