High quality Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Solar Impulse replica watches online sale

Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X – 33 Solar Solar Impulse replica limited edition carrying multi-function time quartz clock movement Omega 5619, equipped with thermal compensation integrated circuit. Black and green central second hand clearly visible. Hands can be separated from, in order to clearly read digital display. Black and white, black and white the hour and minute hand painted with Super – LumiNova, can be issued a green light. In addition to the analog and digital display, the watch and two useful functions for the pilot: task through time (MET) and phase through time (PET).

45 mm wiredrawing cheap fake Omega watches case with light grade 2 titanium metal, Super – LumiNova blue ceramic bezel with white. Blue and green dial, white transfer pointer and Super – LumiNova coating time scale, with a central opening, allows the wearer to read LCD digital elements (gray) on a black background, such as the hours, minutes and seconds at most three different time zones, three alarm clock, timer clock and the countdown function, and contains the date, month, month, year and calendar week Numbers indicate.

This all-new X – 33 models after testing and certification of ESA, confirmed its reliability, accuracy and resist the ability of the bad environment, and according to the European NASA astronaut Jean – developing ESA FrancoisClervoy invention patent license. Grade 2 titanium shell bottom cover with eight screws, emblazoned with the sunlight power “to travel around the world” patch, AAA Omega replica inscribed with the name of the clock and the wording “the European space agency (esa) testing and certification”.

The luxury Omega replica watches with blue and green edge polyamide “NATO” strap, set limit to issues 1924. This number is to commemorate the first flight around the world happened that year; On April 4, 1924 to September 28, members of the U.S. army aviation services to all over the world.